Currency Events

Almost as soon as I retired from the Frugal Traveler column, I started hearing from a lot of editors asking me to write for them. Yay! I thought. On to the next big thing! Turns out, though, that most of them wanted me to write about, you know, budget travel—a subject I know pretty well but about which I’m a little ambivalent. Writing 200 or so articles about budget travel will do that to you.

But when my friend Todd Pruzan came calling, asking me to contribute a few pieces to Currency, a new personal-finance Website for youngish people, I caved. The site is still in beta, but several of my pieces—about street food, credit cards, and booking flights—are up. If you’re feeling “Matt Gross the Frugal Traveler” withdrawal, you might want to check them out.

4 responses to “Currency Events

  1. Surprised you don’t mention Capital One in the credit card piece. I’ve been traveling with one of their credit cards for a year or so, and not only no fees, but 1% cash back. I currently have a Visa and MC with them, as they wouldn’t issue a new Visa ahead of time and mine expires mid-trip. I also have a brand-new on-line bank account with them for the same no-fee travel, including no ATM fees.

  2. I love Capital One, but there’s a good reason for my not mentioning it. Check out who’s behind Currency:

  3. Lol! Actually, I have one of those too, it just got me a great rate on a one-night splurge in Mysore, but it’s purely for backup. Now what we also need is for these neanderthals to put chips in their cards…

  4. I’m kind of torn on the chip-and-PIN thing. On the one hand, it would make it easier to use our American cards in Europe. On the other, the movement to C&P is part of a shift in the credit-card industry toward making consumers, not the banks or businesses, responsible for credit-card fraud. That is, if someone else discovers/uses your PIN, that’s your fault, not something the other parties (Visa, say, or that nice restaurant where you had dinner) have to deal with.

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