A Slow Start

I’m Matt Gross, a food and travel writer who works for publications such as Saveur, Afar, WorldHum.com, and the New York Times, where I wrote the Frugal Traveler column from 2006 to 2010 and where I’ve recently begun a new regular series, “Getting Lost.” This blog, “The Minor Glories,” is supposed to be a kind of supplement to all of that, a way to talk about the zillions of interesting things that, for one reason or another, don’t make it into my longer articles.

(The blog’s name comes from an article I wrote for WorldHum, “The Minor Glories of Constant Motion.” Also, it sounds like the name of a band, and since I’ll never be in an actual band, I’m going to use it here.)

What will you find on “The Minor Glories”? Well, not much straight-up travel writing, probably. The big stories of international adventure and intrigue are generally the kinds of things I get commissioned to write for newspapers and magazines, so you’ll find them there, not here.

Here you’ll get something entirely different: the leftovers and cutouts, the interstitial moments, the behind-the-scenes sausage-making that produces those glossy, polished features. Here I might post beloved fragments of stories that didn’t make the final draft, or I might elaborate on my strategies for “Getting Lost.” I’ll probably discuss my researching, writing, and editing techniques, most often as a way of procrastinating the actual research, writing, and editing. And I’d like especially to answer questions about the travel-writer life from you, my beloved readers. (Post them in comments or e-mail them to worldmatt at worldmatt dot org.)

Frankly, I have no idea where this whole thing is headed. I write a lot—my travel and food stories, plus the parenting blog Dadwagon.com—so I don’t want to promise that this site will be updated constantly. But it might be! Lately I’m enjoying not knowing what the future will bring, so I’d like to invite you to join me on this minor-key journey into the not-yet-known.

4 responses to “A Slow Start

  1. Dear Matt,

    I have no doubt that this blog will become a reference in not too long. Good luck with the project.

    Kike Calvo

  2. I´m so glad you started blogging again!

    I’ve been a loyal reader of your FT column while I lived in Boston, and it was a great resource to plan a long term trip to Asia.
    Now I’m settled in Rosario, Argentina, and it’s good to read you again.

    As Kike says, I’m sure this blog will become a reference in travel writing soon.

    Welcome back Matt,


  3. Dear Matt,

    Sometimes I like to wrap my head in aluminum foil and walk around as if my knees and elbows don’t bend, like some sort of Frankenstein robot. I rarely travel outside of the tri-state area, but when I do I like to wear a disguise. Usually something rakish, like a gondola driver’s outfit or a crossing guard’s uniform. I like to brine my pork tenderloin before I grill it. Say a quarter a quarter cup of kosher salt mixed into two quarts of water.


  4. Hi Mike.

    Nice blog. Had a little read of your posts on http://www.dadwagon.com…really looking forward to more.

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